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Do you have a dream of setting up a company in Dubai Mainland?

Dubai has the best ambiance for your corporate setup. However, you do not know the rules for the Dubai mainland company formation. Several startups have found it challenging to go through the setup process. But, at License Finder, we have the best business setup consultants to work for you. You will have no legal issues in the future.

Mainland company formation :
Types of license available for you

One of the prerequisites to establish your business in Dubai mainland is to decide on the legal type of your business.

LLC - Single Owner (LLC-SO)

Sole Establishment

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Civil Company

Partnership Company

Private Joint Stock Company

Public Joint Stock Company

Simple Partnership Company (Limited Partnership CO.)

The business licenses in the United Arab Emirates are of different types

A Commercial License

covering some trading activities as well as General Trading.

An Industrial License

to deal with manufacturing and industrial activity.

A Professional License

covering different services, artisans, and craftsmen.

The Department of Economic Development issues these licenses. But, in some cases, your license needs approval from external government authorities. However, you do not need to be concerned about this process as we have professional consultants to make everything easier and assist with all incorporation process.

We help you to go through the company formation process as follows

We can assist further with Immigration and Labor related process as soon as you require assistance with that. We will work as the most reliable business solution partner and registration consultant. 

Benefits you get from establishing your Dubai Mainland company

At License Finder, we deliver the best solution and make your journey to company formation smoother in the United Arab Emirates. Our comprehensive services cover different aspects of the company formation process in Dubai mainland. From trade license acquisition, business registration, and contract drafting to notarization of business. We simply manage everything for you. We have a strong connection with government bodies and ministries across the United Arab Emirates, that is why it will be easier for us to achieve excellent results for your business Incorporation. Our certified and highly knowledgeable consultants work on a daily basis with the Registration Authorities, and this prevents any delay in the company formation process accordingly.

With our professional agents, you will easily avail of your industry, trade, and business license. You can continue your business for several years with a residency visa. Our agents will also guide you on applying for a visa. Let us know your goals for company formation, and we will help you in the best way.

In the past years, we had helped several clients to start their businesses in Dubai. Our aim is to let you make the most informed decision that show the clear path for you and remove your constraints, and always keep in mind that you should get properly consulted prior to the Business Incorporation to insure 100% Compatible Business Structure that should grow over the years!