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Study Construction Economics

By studying Construction Economics (otherwise known as Quantity Surveying), you will learn many different aspects in both the management, costing and delivery of complex construction projects.

The course components address a range of topics including building plans and processes, building structures and soil mechanics, construction techniques, contract administration, finance and cost planning, project management, refurbishment and retrofitting, and risks. It also contains a strong sustainability theme which equips graduates with skills that are highly sought after in the construction environment.

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Study Telecommunications and IT Network Engineering

Set yourself up for a job with huge demand in the future. Throughout this course students will learn to carry out specialised design and support functions in telecommunications engineering. This may include optimisation and performance monitoring of telecommunications networks, diagnosis and repair of faults, and the selection and installation of equipment. 

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Nursing Course

Vocational Institutions and Universities in Australia produce some of the most highly-trained nurses in the world. With a focus on high-quality education and use of the latest techniques & technology, Australian trained nurses are in demand all over the world and the employment opportunities are endless.

Registered Nurse is currently on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)

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By studying a Bachelor or Masters of Teaching, students will gain the skills and expertise to thrive in a rewarding career as a teacher. Upon graduation students will be prepared to teach in classrooms in Australian and across the world.
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Study Social Work

This program equips you with the knowledge, skills, values and ethical foundations for social work practice in contemporary social policy and human service contexts.

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Civil Engineering Draftsperson

When you do this course you can specialise in becoming a Civil Draftsperson. Civil Draftspersons assist in civil engineering research, design, construction, operations and maintenance.