Can a family member sponsor my visa to Australia?

491 Family Sponsored Visa

491 Family Sponsored Visa

This visa is probably the most common visa for family sponsored visas. The visa is an open 5 year work visa that converts to permanent residency.

The problem with this visa is that:

  • There is a very low number of these visas issued each year. Consequently, these are very difficult to obtain.
  • Plus your relative must live in a regional area. If your family member lives in a major city, then they cannot sponsor your visa.
  • You must pass a skill assessment in an occupation on the MLTSSL

Eligible Sponsor

18 years old or older

usually resident in a designated area of Australia

be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen

Limited number of visas available

The problem with this visa is that even if you have an eligible family member who can sponsor you, there are a very limited number of 491 Family Sponsored visas issued every year. The demand far outweighs the supply.

On top of this, the 491 visa is points tested and you must pass a skill assessment in a relevant occupation before you can apply. Because it is such a popular visa, you currently need to have at least 90 – 95 points to be invited to apply for the visa.

On the other hand, applicants who apply for the hand 491 – State Nominated Stream, often receive an invitation with as much fewer points.

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A Positive Skill Assessment for an occupation on the MLTSSL

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