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Skilled Work Regional

491 Visa enables skilled workers and their families to live, work and study in designated regional areas of Australia.

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Employer Sponsored ENS Visa

The Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS) – Subclass 186 visa is a permanent employer sponsored visa. The ENS visa allows employees to work for a nominated employer on a full time basis.

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Australian Partner Visas

If you are in a relationship with an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or an eligible New Zealand Citizen you may be able to apply for an Australian Partner Visas. The Australian Partner Visa allows you to live, work, and study in Australia and has numerous other benefits.

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Parent Visa

It is very common for those who are living in Australia to want to bring their parent out. This page outlines the the options for your parents to obtain a permanent visa to Australia.

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191 Permanent Residence

Starting from November 2022, the Skilled Residence (Permanent Residence) – Subclass 191 will allow its holders work and study anywhere in Australia, sponsor eligible relatives and apply for Australian citizenship.

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South Australia Migration

South Australia Migration 

We believe South Australia offers the highest opportunity and this video highlights the process of state nomination.

Why do you need state nomination?

If you are looking to apply for the:

You need to receive nomination from a state or territory. If you don’t receive a nomination, you can’t be invited to apply for these visas.

Who can be invited for State Nomination?

If there is a shortage of individuals skilled to work in that particular profession, South Australia may choose to nominate a visa holder to fill these rolesApart from meeting these requirements, for the 190/491 visa, you must also meet the South Australia Migration Requirements. South Australia has its own list of occupations that they are open to inviting. (And South Australia has a very long list of occupations). South Australia also has its own requirements to receive state nomination. For example, if you are onshore, one of the requirements might be that you are living and working in that state in your nominated occupation for a specific period of time. If you are offshore, South Australia Migration may want you to have a certain number of years of work experience + a certain amount of funds to support yourself in Aus.

For example – Carpentry

If you look on the website at SA Migration, to be eligible for the 190 invitation, you need to have lived and worked in the state in your occupation for at least 12 months. For the 491 invitation, you must have lived and worked in the state for at least 6 months. You must be working at least 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight in your nominated or closely related occupation in South Australia for the duration required for your nominated occupation, unless specified differently for your occupation. If you are working part time (less than 35 hours per week) you may be offered a 491 nomination only. For offshore applicants, You must have at least 5 years of work experience in your nominated or closely related occupation in the last 8 years. Applicants with Superior English, at least 90 points and at least 8 years of work experience will be prioritised. If your occupation is on the state list and you meet the requirements, it doesn’t guarantee you will receive an invitation.  This is a competitive process and there is no set waiting list to apply for nomination, but rather a pool of candidates which is constantly changing.

What is the process of applying for South Australia State Nomination?

As per any 190/491 application (and we have links to these visas in more depth), you would first need to pass a skill assessment and lodge an expression of interest (EOI). On the EOI, you would list South Australia as a state that you are willing to migrate to. You would then register your interest through the state nomination portal. All things going well, you would then receive an email notification from South Australia Migration inviting you to submit an application for State Nomination. During this time, you will need to provide numerous documentation including evidence of your previous work experience, education, English, an ongoing offer of employment etc…. (The list of required documentation could vary depending on numerous factors) South Australia would then choose to invite you for the visa and you would receive an application in your Skill Select to apply for the 491 or 190 visa. — As always any questions about undertaking study or migrating to Australia please never hesitate to contact the team at Pathway to Aus on the phone, website Facebook, or Instagram Thanks

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Study Horticulture and Potential Migration Pathways

Becoming an Agricultural Technician or Senior Horticulturalist can be a migration pathway to Australia 

Recently immigration has made a huge push to try and encourage skilled agricultural workers to assist the farming industry in Australia. The industry is really lobbying the government to get these workers. If you are looking to migrate to Australia, it is really important to be skilled in high-demand occupations such as an agricultural technician or a horticulturist.

This comes in many different forms such as the proposed introduction of a new agricultural visa, but also extends to making pathways for applicants with this skill set in the current visa options.

One example of this is the recently introduced Horticulture Labour Agreement, which allows farmers and companies to sponsor applicants in a lot of different farming and horticulture industry.

Which state has Agricultural Technician on their State Occupation List?

However, certain states, such as South Australia have gone a step further and included the occupations of Agricultural Technician on their State Occupation List. This means applicants that meet these requirements may be eligible to submit their interest for the Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 491).

In order to meet the requirements for this visa, you must meet the Skill Assessment Requirements and meet the State Migration Requirements.

For example, the occupation of Agricultural Technician is currently listed on the South Australia List.

If you look at the website, you can see the requirements for the nomination. But essentially, South Australia offers pathways through the Currently Working In and SA Graduate Streams. This requires you to hold a relevant qualification and have either 3 months or 6 months worth experience in the industry in Aus.

When we look at the skill assessment requirements for the occupation with VETASSESS, we can see it is:

  • This occupation requires a qualification assessed as comparable to the education level of an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Diploma or higher and in a field highly relevant to the nominated occupation.

In addition to the above, it is essential for applicants to meet the following employment criteria:

  • at least one year of post-qualification employment at an appropriate skill level,
  • undertaken in the last five years,
  • working 20 hours or more per week, and
  • highly relevant to the nominated occupation.

How does this work? 

As mentioned above, you need to work for at least 1-year post qualification. This is why it could be important to have a relevant study option after the Diploma of Horticulture.

For example, you study the Diploma of Horticulture in your first year, have a short break, and then study a Diploma of Leadership and Management or another course afterward.

When you finish the Diploma of Horticulture course you would look work in the industry for at least 1 year in a highly related occupation – agricultural technician. You can work for 20 hours per week on a student visa.

Once you have worked for a year, you will then look to lodge a skill assessment. Once you have obtained the skill assessment, you will then look to lodge an expression of interest and ensure you meet the state requirements. You will then wait to be invited by the state to apply for the Skilled Regional Visa.

I hope you find the above information helpful. Please note, we would always recommend you check with a registered migration agent who can review your specific situation.

If you have any questions. or want to explore your options never hesitate to contact the team at Pathway to Aus on the phone, website Facebook, or Instagram Thanks

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Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

The Graduate Visa (485) allows recent university graduates and certain vocational graduates the chance to remain in Australia and work after their studies have finished.

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Working Holiday Visa

If you’re between 18 and 30 years old, hold a passport for a country participating in Working Holiday Maker program, you may be eligible for a 12-month visa which enables you to work while staying in Australia. Check out the list of requirements down below.

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Investment Visa

Foreign nationals maybe able to apply for a business visa to invest in, set up, or buy an existing business within Australia.

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Student Visa

To apply for an Australian Student Visa you must go through the steps below. Pathway to Aus drafts and lodges the student visas for all of its student for free.

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Study Construction Economics

By studying Construction Economics (otherwise known as Quantity Surveying), you will learn many different aspects in both the management, costing and delivery of complex construction projects.

The course components address a range of topics including building plans and processes, building structures and soil mechanics, construction techniques, contract administration, finance and cost planning, project management, refurbishment and retrofitting, and risks. It also contains a strong sustainability theme which equips graduates with skills that are highly sought after in the construction environment.

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Study Telecommunications and IT Network Engineering

Set yourself up for a job with huge demand in the future. Throughout this course students will learn to carry out specialised design and support functions in telecommunications engineering. This may include optimisation and performance monitoring of telecommunications networks, diagnosis and repair of faults, and the selection and installation of equipment. 

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Nursing Course

Vocational Institutions and Universities in Australia produce some of the most highly-trained nurses in the world. With a focus on high-quality education and use of the latest techniques & technology, Australian trained nurses are in demand all over the world and the employment opportunities are endless.

Registered Nurse is currently on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)

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By studying a Bachelor or Masters of Teaching, students will gain the skills and expertise to thrive in a rewarding career as a teacher. Upon graduation students will be prepared to teach in classrooms in Australian and across the world.
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Study Social Work

This program equips you with the knowledge, skills, values and ethical foundations for social work practice in contemporary social policy and human service contexts.

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Civil Engineering Draftsperson

When you do this course you can specialise in becoming a Civil Draftsperson. Civil Draftspersons assist in civil engineering research, design, construction, operations and maintenance.

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Painting and Decorating

Painting and Decorating may be most suitable to those who’d like to use their creative skills and grit to paint and decorate their pathway to colourful career opportunities   

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Joinery is a specific type of carpentry that involves constructing wooden items such as bookcases, cabinets, doors, windows and stairs away from the work site. These wood items are then sent to the job site to be fixed by a carpenter.

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Cabinet Making

Cabinet Makers are among the most constantly employed trades workers in Australia. There is a strong demand by employers in Australia for qualified Cabinet Makers.

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Airconditioning & Refrigeration

With temperatures rising, there has been a large increase in the number of homes and offices that use air-conditioners. Consequently, there has been a large increase in air- conditioning refrigeration mechanics in Australia and around the world.

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Engineering Fabrication

If you study Engineering Fabrication and Trade you are setting yourself up to work in numerous trade roles in Australia and around the world.

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Automotive Electrician

The automotive repair industry in Australia is strong. Cars are becoming more technologically advanced and there is now considerable room for growth within the industry. Currently, there is a demand in Australia for qualified automotive electricians.

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Automotive Body Repair

The automotive industry in Australia has many different aspects and job roles. One of the most in demand jobs at the moment is for qualified panel beaters.
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Wall & Floor Tiling

Wall and floor tilers lay ceramic, clay, slate, marble and glass tiles on external and internal walls and floors to provide protective and decorative finishes.

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Brick & block layers are a key element to any construction project and a very in-demand job in Australia. 

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Commercial Cookery

Chefs plan and organise menus & kitchen staff at restaurants and for catering organisations. On completion of this course students will be a qualified Chef de Cuisine, Sous Chef or Chef de Partie in Australia.

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If you are looking for a flexible job and want to build skills that allow you to work all over the world, perhaps you may want to study carpentry.

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Heavy Diesel mechanic

Get your hands dirty and get ready for a great career! A diesel mechanic inspects, maintains and repairs diesel engines for car dealerships, private garages, repair shops and mining companies.

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Automotive mechanic

Automotive Mechanic course is for those who have a passion for working in the Automotive Industry and don’t mind getting their hands dirty under the bonnet of a car.
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Boat Building

Australia is recognised for providing highly skilled and technologically sound boat builders. The Cert III in Marine Craft Construction course will provide students with the required skills to work in the boat building and repair industry in Australia and around the world.
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Solid Plastering

Solid plasterers apply plaster & protective coatings to cement, block & brick walls during the construction phase. This course would suit someone who doesn’t mind working on their feet who also has an eye for decorative details.