Australian Partner Visas

If you are in a relationship with an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or an eligible New Zealand Citizen you may be able to apply for an Australian Partner Visas. The Australian Partner Visa allows you to live, work, and study in Australia and has numerous other benefits.


Once you determine the appropriate Partner Visa for your relationship, you will need to know the details of that particular visa. However, in general, to be eligible for any Australian partner visa, you must:

  • Be married or engaged to be married or be in a de facto relationship (regardless if same sex or different sex) with an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident or an eligible New Zealand Citizen;
  • Have a genuine relationship;
  • Be committed to a shared life together;
  • Be in an exclusive relationship;
  • Live together, or not separately on a permanent basis;
  • Be over 18, or have parental consent if 16 or 17 (marriages under 16 are not valid in Australia)
  • Be of good health and character; and
  • Not have debts to the Australian Government.

Evidence of your Identity

Evidence of your commitment

Evidence that you live together, or not permanently apart

Evidence that you present yourselves to the public as being in a relationship

15 Tips for Submitting a Successful Partner Visa Application

  1. Know the details of the appropriate visa subclass.
  2. Start establishing evidence of your relationship. There are minimum time requirements in many cases.
  3. Save money for the application fees. These visas can be very expensive and there are not payment plans. Your application will not be accepted until full payment is made.
  4. Give yourself enough time to apply for the visa. It can take several months to gather the relevant information and evidence.
  5. Provide great evidence. You need to provide clear and in-colour evidence, translated to English by an Accredited Translator
  6. Do not provide originals if not required. You may not get it back.
  7. Get copies of evidence certified when required. Copy/save your entire application before submitting it in case you need to apply again.
  8. Review the appropriate Application Forms far in advance to gather relevant information.
  9. Have someone else review your Application, ensuring critical information is correct
  10. Make sure you and your partner provide matching information, especially for dates.
  11. Provide true, accurate and complete informationImmigration will cross-reference information provided and untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete information may cause delay or even refusal.
  12. Keep immigration updated if you change address, phone number or email to be sure you do not miss any correspondences or requests.
  13. Do not submit your application unless you are certain you meet the criteria and have submitted a complete Application. You do not get your money back if your application is refused. Immigration does not consider evidence that would not have been available at the time of application.
  14. Know your rights and conditions while you wait for a decision. Depending on the visa you apply for, your travel to/from Australia may be restricted. Know these restrictions before travel plans.
  15. Consult a Registered Migration AgentMany people will offer their personal advice and experiences, but each case is different and relying on advice from anyone but a Migration Agent or the Department of Home Affairs is usually unreliable. 

Frequently asked question

Yes, but you will need to show that the previous relationship is over. Australia does not recognize most polygamous relationships/marriages.

No. Australia does not recognize marriages when any spouse is under 16.

Maybe. If you are married or have registered your relationship in Australia, you may be able to overcome 12 month living together requirement.

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